Marriage Events


We believe that community wellness begins in the home, and that strong marriages are the foundation to a strong home.

About Hope Weekend

Our vision for Hope Weekends is simple: We want to transform good marriages into great marriages, and we want troubled marriages to be healed and restored so more children will grow up in happier, healthier homes.

Hope Weekends are marriage retreats that combine Christian principles with the latest research to provide specific, practical, attainable skills to help couples:​
Reconnect and develop/restore trust.
Promote a greater sense of “Us” and oneness.
Experience deeper levels of intimacy, knowledge, and understanding of one another.
Learn the essential relationship skills required to develop, maintain, and sustain a deeply bonded and connected relationship.
Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills.
Learn how to develop emotional regulation.
Remove some of the accumulated relational pain.

​Did you know the average cost of a divorce is over $30,000. Our marriage retreat, comparatively, is only $1,500 per couple (does not include food or lodging) and we have an 80% success rate with all of our couples (including those who have already started divorce proceedings).

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